Mold Remediation Procedure's


                                      The most common question asked by our clients is;

What do we do next to solve the problem of getting rid of the mold?

                 1st we come in do a pre inspection of the home and find the cause and source of the mold growth. Once we have established cause and source of mold we will explain to the client the process of removing the mold and correcting the source for the reason why the mold was growing.

                  2nd the mold remediation process begins. We as mold remediator’s must take several steps to make sure your health and ours as well are not in jeopardy in any way. We will contain the area that the mold is present so that it will not and cannot spread into unaffected areas.

                  3rd We will start removing and cleaning all mold affected materials. With this process we will then be able to see how far your mold problem is and determine if there is more we have to do that we were not able to see in the pre inspection report. In this process is when we also start killing mold on all materials and in the air.

                   4th We will repair the source for the reasoning of the mold growth in the first place. That could be many different things’ such as plumbing leak's, roof leaks and or foundation leak’s, (etc.). At this time once repairs are done to the source of the mold growth we will make sure everything is dry and moisture free.

                    5th Once we have made sure everything is dry and moisture free, there is no more mold in the air and on surfaces, or material. We will begin putting the home back together. This may require new framing, drywall, flooring, painting, (etc.). Also we will put a protective barrier on all material to help detour future mold growth.

                     6th Here is when we begin the final clean up process (during the whole process we will keep the area completely clean and free of all materials involved in the remediation process). Once we have finished cleaning and are positive there is no more danger from mold to you and or you're loved one's we will do a final inspection with the home owner to be sure you are completely satisfied with the work performed.

                      We are affiliated with many different contractors’ to be sure the work is done by codes and regulations of your city or township.